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Four (and four alone) premium ingredients in every batch.

The way we brew is inspired by an appreciation for great taste and age-old tradition. Adhering to the German Purity Law, the worlds oldest and maybe most sacred food control law, we use only four ingredients to craft our beers: premium barley, crystal clear purified water, hand selected hops and the finest brewers' yeast. Of course, we also bring a Mexican twist to the artisan ales we craft so that you can experience a taste of Cabo in every sip.



We use a dozen of different varieties from Canada, the U.S. and Germany.



Ours flows via underground aquifers from the Sierra de La Laguna Mountains (an hour from Los Cabos) and is ideal for brewing.



These are the micro-organisms that help ferment our beer by eating the sugars in the wort and transforming them into alcohol and CO2.



Ours are prime-picked from the northwestern U.S. and Europe and help add the bitterness, flavor and aroma that make our beers unique.

Our beers