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Cabotella Premium Ale At Northgate Markets


Northgate Markets
Oct 15, 2014

Cabotella Beer is delighted to to make public that Northgate Markets, among its favorite supermarkets in Southern California, has welcomed their Blond Cerveza brew, Cabotella. The Blonde beer of Cabotella is now available at 39 stores all over Southern California.

About Cabotella

Cabotella Beer is the American blond ale-style beer of Baja Brewing, and it is the second largest brewery in Mexico. Cabotella, which is thoroughly brewed in the craft beer tradition, redefines the importance of specialty beer in Mexico. With Cabotella best ale, beer drinkers can have it all. As Baja Brewing Company's flagship beer, this quality beer drink is micro brewed using 100 percent two-row barley, malted and all-natural ingredients with no burden of additives or preservatives.
A delectably Mexican beer, Cabotella beer provides a thirst-quenching and rich body flavor under strobe lights or under the sun. Originally from Cabo's shores, no other imported beer captivates the spirit of easy-drinking and quality satisfaction in each pour. Cabotella beer can be found at bars, stores or restaurants all over Mexico and the United States.

About Northgate Markets

The first Northgate Market was established in 1980 on Anaheim Boulevard, with the introduction of the original store, the "gates of the North" and was instituted by the Gonzalez-Reynoso family. Every member of the family worked there and they did all the activities from stocking grocery aisles and cutting meat to checking out customers and maintenance.

These days, newer Northgate Gonzalez Markets is almost 50,000 square feet in terms of size, which allows them to provide customers with a large selection of meat department, tortilleria, bakery and prepared foods, as well as a sizable department of imported and domestic grocery foods from Latin America. Currently, Northgate Markets have about 39 stores in 3 countries, in addition to Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange Counties in California.

For more information about Northgate Markets and the location of their stores, please go to Cabotella best ale at Northgate Markets is great news to every drinker since Northgate Markets is one of the most beloved grocery market chain of people in Southern California!

About Baja Brewing Company

With three brewpubs in Cabo San Lucas featuring eight beers on tap, including seasonal beers, the Baja Brewing Company produced 2,400 barrels in 2013. Focusing on all-natural and local ingredients, the brewery distributes in San Jose del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas and throughout Mexico, supplying restaurants, bars and liquor stores.

In 2012, Baja Brewing Company entered the U.S. market with the introduction of its flagship Mexican beer, Cabotella Ale, in Texas.

For more details about Cabotella, please visit their website at or contact them at

About the Author More About Senor Donkey; He dreamed of a beer that unites craft quality and refreshment. In a place called Cabo, he finally found salvation with Cabotella.