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Cabotella Premium Ale Now At Patrick Molloys


Craft Beer in Mexico
Oct 1, 2014

Cabotella best ale is now available at Patrick Molloy’s, and is Hermosa’s newest craft beer!   Cabotella is excited to expand it’s reach and become available to beer lovers in the south bay. Patrick Malloy’s is considered one of Hermosa Beach’s Favorite restaurants and bars since 1996, and they welcome the Cabotella to their landmark location.  

Baja Brewing and Cabotella are located in San Jose del Cabo, Baja South, Mexico and are thrilled to share the news with Cabotella ale lovers, as well as beer lovers alike. The blond Mexican cerveza is currently available in select locations throughout The U.S, Southwest, and Mexico.  found a new home Look for the cerveza on the menu at Patrick Molloy’s, and be sure to enjoy with your meal, or just in the bar with friends! We are pleased to share our favorite brew with Malloy’s restaurant patrons and diners.

Patrick Molloy’s is considered one of the best of Hermosa’s superb restaurants and bars and at the same time,  has a reputation as one of south bay’s favorite fun spots. Similarly, Cabotella Mexican beer is also known as Baja Brewing’s fun and enjoyable American blond ale style beer that is even better when enjoyed with friends. Baja Brewing is the 2nd largest brewery throughout Mexico. Cabotella is the speciality craft beer that redefines the real meaning of beer refreshment. The alcohol volume of Cabotella Beer is 5.5 percent with a beautiful golden hue.

With the distinct taste of Cabotella beer, customers who love to visit Patrick Molloy’s restaurant and bar will also come  to taste the unique flavor of Cabotella. In a world full of hundreds of options of craft beer, beer lovers will realize quickly that Cabotella beer is the best choice because of it’s incredible taste. Furthermore, Cabotella Beer can be found in stores, restaurants and bars throughout the Mexico and The United States, including California, Arizona, Texas, and Colorado. You can find Cabotella at select Whole Foods Markets, Sprouts, Northgate Markets throughout California, Chevys Restaurants, and others.  

For those in search of the  best tasting Mexican beer, specialty beer or craft beer, don’t look any further since Cabotella is the perfect choice. Beer Drinkers can rest assured that it will suit your taste and give you the kind of satisfaction you are looking for. Moreover, Cabotella is one of the best quality ales on the market. Patrick Molloy’s restaurant and bar is encouraging their valued customers to taste their Cabotella during their next visit.


To learn more, please check out For inquiries, please contact them at (310)798-9762 or contact Cabotella Media Relations at  [email protected]