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Cabotella Premium Ale now available at all BevMo! Stores


Cabotella Premium Ale_BevMo! Stores
Nov 13, 2014

  When thinking about alcoholic beverages, nothing would be as omnipresent as beer. It is one of the most common drinks found at a bar, restaurant or party and will surely add some good cheer while enjoying a bottle or two. However, many people now have refined tastes for their beers, and it seems like their stomachs have been filled with too much off color and fizzy beer.

Fortunately, there are many microbreweries introduced recently and has given birth to a new revolution in the drinking scene, such as in the case of blond ale. If you want to have a sip of what this revolution is all about, you will certainly be interested in Cabotella Ale from Baja Brewing Company, which would most probably make the cut for the best choice in beer.

What to Expect from Cabotella  

Just like in the case of other Premium craft beers, Cabotella is made in small batches with the use of traditional techniques and has limited distribution as opposed to the bigwigs in the beer market. Believed by many to be a worthy selection for the best ale, it has won the hearts of beer drinkers because of its unique Mexican flavor, making it almost impossible to have enough of once you have had your first sip.

Cabotella is a blond beer and the flagship product of Baja Brewing Company. It is made with the use of fresh ingredients, such as 100% mated, two-row barley. The difference can be found in its taste, which gives it a distinct personality as against the other beers that are mass produced. Your taste buds will definitely be tickled by its all-natural ingredients. There are no additives incorporated in the beer, making the flavor true to the roots of the ingredients used.  

This premium ale can be enjoyed as a year round beer, consumed under the heat of the sun as well as a warming drink when its cold outside. It has a very light hint of bitterness and medium body, which makes it ideal for easy drinking. This is the perfect choice for beer lovers who would just like to relax and experience a flavor with uniquely Mexican heritage.

Where to Get It.  

As part of the efforts of the microbrewery to bring this blond ale closer to its consumer market, it is now available at all BevMo! Stores. BevMo! has more than 150 stores all over the western region of the United States and has gained a favorable reputation because of the affordable prices of the alcoholic products they are selling. If you want to know what the Cabotella clamor is all about, head over to their nearest store from your area, grab a bottle of this premium ale, and enjoy it. No doubt you will find yourself returning to BevMo! for more Cabotella best ale.

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