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Open Range: Baja Brew


May 12, 2015

Open Range: Baja Brew

This craft beer from across the border is headed north.
The Mexican craft beer scene is thriving — ­so much so that it’s headed north of the border.At present, intrepid beer aficionados can find a handful of Mexican craft brews in California and the Southwest. Among the best of them isCabotella. The flagship ale from the Baja Brewing Company, which is situated at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula, is actually the product of a Colorado native with a passion for Mexican beers. When Jordan Gardenhire moved in 2004 from the Rocky Mountains to the beachy shores of Los Cabos, Mexico, he instantly fell in love with his new home and, even more so, with the regional drafts. Two years later, he founded his own brewery. Then came Cabotella.Labeled an American blonde ale, it’s similar in profile to lagers like Corona, Tecate, and Dos Equis. It’s golden in color and light in body, with a hint of lemony sweetness and a modestly bitter finish that doesn’t sacrifice the thirst-quenching reputation of Mexican cervezas, making it a worthwhile craft alternative. Especially when you’re in need of soothing refreshment while digging into a basket of carne asada street tacos.

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